Save The Tigers 2023 Telugu Disney Plus Hotstar Web Series Review, Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gomatam, Chaitanya Krishna, etc...


Save The Tigers

Save The Tigers Web Series Review: Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gomatham, and Chaitanya Krishna as heroes... 'Jordaar' Sujatha, Pavani Gangireddy, and Devyani Sharma as heroines in the web series 'Save the Tigers'. Let's save the endangered tigers and moguls... is the subtitle. Mahi V Raghav is the creator and producer of this series. The promotional films that have already been released have impressed the audience. So, how is the series? (Save The Tigers web series review in Telugu) means...

Save The Tigers Web Series Story

Vikram (Chaitanya Krishna), Rahul (Abhinav Gomatham), and Ganta Ravi (Priyadarshi) are arrested by the police in a drunken drive case. In fact, the three start explaining to the police officer why they had to drink.

Vikram's wife Rekha (Deviani Sharma) is a lawyer. My mother-in-law, she doesn't like it. How is Vikram torn between them? Rahul's wife, Dr. Madhuri (Pavani Gangireddy) supports him when he quits his job and becomes a writer. Why did she get angry when she loves her husband so much? Why did Rahul express suspicions about his wife? Ganta Ravi, who lives in Borabanda, is in the milk business. 

His wife Haimavathi (Sujatha) runs a beauty parlor. She asks her husband to leave Borabanda and go to a gated community for the children's education. What conditions did the wife and children face due to Ganta Ravi? That is the rest of the story. What is the fuss made by three husbands together in the bar? What did they do at the end of the five-star hotel? It should be known by watching the series.

Save The Tigers

Save The Tigers Web Series Analysis

Wife vs. Husband... No matter how many times and generations change, it remains new. There will always be quarrels and differences of opinion between the members. Some pictures have come out in this background before. The difference between those movies and now the web series 'Save the Tigers' is that it is closer to reality.

'Save the Tigers' does not feature any larger-than-life issues. In society, for that matter... the scenes between many couples, in their homes, have been brought to the screen with great entertainment. Abhinav's attempt to reduce his stomach makes him pity and laugh at his condition... He gets angry when he doubts his wife. When we see Chaitanya Krishna and Devyani Sharma's tracks, we feel why the girl does not understand her husband. Some may be emotional when the daughter tells Priyadarshi to leave school. Married couples will definitely connect with one of the three on-screen couples.

The director and the writers have shown the message of the story as naturally as the series has unfolded. The scene where Chaitanya Krishna explains what good touch and bad touch to a girl tells us that such bonding is necessary between children and parents. Again parents should be careful when speaking in front of their children. There are many such scenes. 

However, if you look at the story, it seems that there is nothing new. If the first three to four episodes are laughable... the last two episodes for the finale feel slowed down as they concentrate on the story. Harshvardhan, Sunayana increased the track length. 'Batuku Jatka Bandi' spoof appeared in some movies. Made it new again. It is used as a turning point in the story rather than a comedy.

A commendable aspect of 'Save the Tigers' is that...none of the husbands or wives took sides. Both were given equal justice. Production values are at the movie level. Director Teja took Kakuma away from the glamor show to watch it with his family. However, the dialogue at two or three places can be a bit annoying to watch with children.

Save The Tigers

Save The Tigers Web Series Actors Performance

Chaitanya Krishna appeared in a full-length role after a gap. Lived in the role of Vikram. A scene where Barulo shows his frustration with his wife, especially the monologue dialogue, is guaranteed to get whistles. Abhinav Gomatham's dialogue delivery and timing are superb. Comedy is generated by his timing even in simple scenes. The scenes between Abhinav and Rohini are laughable. Priyadarshi was once again impressed with the Telangana accent and acting. He did an emotional performance when the scene demanded it.

'Jordaar' Sujatha, Pavani Gangireddy, Devyani Sharma... we can't imagine anyone but them as wives in 'Save the Tigers'. Simple & settled performance. The characters of Harshavardhan, Sunayana, Gangavva, Venu Tillu, and Saddam are crucial in the story. They have done well in terms of scope.

Finally what? : 'People have forgotten to laugh' Chaitanya Krishna says in a dialogue in a scene. If there are people who have really forgotten to laugh... there are scenes in 'Save the Tigers' that will make them laugh. This is one such series. Fun guaranteed for viewers! Fun aside... the ending is not very impressive. Because... some questions were left out in the original story.

PS: From the start of the series, the star hero's fiancee and famous heroine are said to be missing. what happened to her What is the link between her and the three heroes? is to be seen in 'Save the Tigers 2'. There are chances that it will be in the type of Hollywood movie 'Hangover'.