Asur 2: Plan to release it in Jio cinema.. but the web series was leaked in Telegram earlier..


Asur 2

ASUR 2: Jio Cinema is trying very hard to become the biggest OTT. Recently, Jio Cinema announced that 100 movies and serials will be coming soon on OTT (OTT). They are looking to make use of the popularity of Jio Cinema by telecasting IPL for free and turning it into a full-fledged OTT.

Jio Cinema is already streaming some movies for free. It has also been announced that every Friday a movie will be streamed for free. Some new movies have already been released directly on Jio Cinema OTT. Many series are also going to be released. In this background, Asur 2 series was recently released in Jio Cinema.

The crime thriller series Asur, which was previously released on VOOT OTT, was a great success. Asur 2 was made as a continuation of this series. It was taken by Jio movie. But initially, Jio has planned to release one episode per day. Jio Cinema wanted to release one episode per day to generate more interest among the audience. But all the episodes were leaked on Telegram before Jio. Asur 2 series with a total of 8 episodes came on Telegram before Jio. Because of this, Jio is streaming the episodes knowing this. However, Jio Cinema is planning to take serious action on this serial being leaked in Telegram.