Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range 2023 Telugu Movie Trailer Released by Dil Raju


Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range: 'Balagam' was a huge success. But... it's just a small-budget film before its release! The top producer 'Dil' Raju (Dil Raju) not only produces such small films... also provides support for small films. He has recently released a short movie trailer. Going into full details...

Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range Movie Trailer:

Rishvi Thimmaraju is the protagonist and Vismaya Sri is the heroine in the movie 'Krishna Gadu Idi Oka Range'. Rajesh Dondapati is making his debut as a director. Produced jointly by Petla Krishna Murthy, Petla Venkata Subbamma, and PNK Srilatha under the banner of Sri Tejas Production. The film will hit theaters on August 4. The latest update is... Top producer 'Dill' Raju released the trailer on Wednesday. After that, he wished for the success of the film.

What is the original story of Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range?

It is a beautiful village. In that village, there was a clever and dreamy boy named Krishna. Since his birth, he has had a very good connection with that town. For Krishna, that village is the world. A girl comes into the life of such a boy. The arrival of a girl in his life, which is going very smoothly, brings some awkward situations. what are they How did Krishna fulfill his father's wish? Did Krishna achieve what he wanted? Or? How did he win his love? To know things like... Director Rajesh Dondapati said you should watch the movie 'Krishnagadu Idi Oka Range'.

The film producers said, "So far we have released the teaser and three songs. They got a good response. This is a feel-good love story. There is already a good craze for the movie among the audience. I am happy to get this range of responses even though the film is made introducing new heroes and heroines. If you look at the trailer...some people say that it seems that there are suspense and thrilling elements along with youth appeal. It is a film that will appeal to all sections of the audience," he said.

Raghu, Swati Policharla, Sujatha, Vinay Mahadev, and others are the main cast in this movie starring Rishvi Thimmaraju and Vismaya Sri. Editor of this film: Sai Babu Talari, Songs: Varikuppala Yadagiri, Cinematography: S.K. Rafi, Executive Producer: Raghavendra Rao, Production Company: Shree Tejas Production, Music: Sabu Varghese, Producers: Petla Krishnamurthy, Petla Venkata Subbamma, PNK Srilatha, Story - Story - Direction: Rajesh Dondapati.