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Skanda Movie Review

Actors: Ram, Srileela, Sai Manjrekar, Prince Cecil, Sarath Lohitashwa, Daggubati Raja, Prabhakar, Srikanth etc.

Music: S. Taman

Editing: Tammiraju

Cinematography: Santosh Detek

Producer: Srinivasa Chitturi, Pawan Kumar

Written and Directed by: Boyapati Srinu

Release: 28-09-2023

The name was given to mass movies... Boyapati Srinu. Under his direction, Ram created a special interest in the audience. Curiosity arose to see how the energetic hero Ram would appear in Boyapati Mark's movie. After the successful 'Akhanda', Boyapati Srinu did 'Skanda' at the Pan India level. And how is this movie? (Skanda movie review) To what extent did Ram-Boyapati Kalayika please the mass audience?

Skanda Movie Story:

The Andhra Pradesh CM's daughter who is sitting on the marriage bed... Telangana CM's son comes and takes her away. With that, a quarrel begins between the two CMs. They go to end each other. Andhra CM will field a young man. He is not ordinary. The type who will take on anyone and achieve what they set their mind to. 

Did that young man step into Telangana CM's house despite tight security? Who is the young man (Ram) who kidnapped the daughters of the two chief ministers and took them to Rudrarajapuram? Who is coming to that village? (Skanda movie review) What is the relationship between these kidnappings and the head of Crown Groof Companies Ramakrishnan Raju (Srikanth)? To know other things, you have to watch the movie.

Skanda Movie Analysis

Mass cinema has many definitions. Boyapati Mas is special in that. He has created a unique brand of style-making and characters. His heroes, who look powerful, do heroic deeds like Superman. The way the characters move and the fighting moments are revealed on the screen in a larger-than-life manner and share the original cinematic experience with the masses. 

Boyapati tried the same with the movie 'Skanda', he says what he wants to say with good emotions in that background. This movie is for the masses. The director, who started the film with the role of Ramakrishna Raju, introduces the hero after discovering the two chief ministers and their empire. 

The actual movie starts from there. The director directed the first half with college drama, songs, action scenes, and interesting twists between the hero and heroines. Some scenes have been created by taking a dig at the current politics and free projects.

Rahul, Naveen, Ramakrishnan Raju, and others will be remembered as real-life characters. The first half of the movie will entertain the action lovers with the heroic fight scenes of Boyapati Mark. Interval scenes are more highlights. The second half contains the actual story. The flashback episode is crucial. With those episodes, they tried to cultivate emotions to bind the family audience. 

It's different to call Panodu, it's different to call your own son... What if we are not there when the parents are faltering due to old age? The scenes made in the village are thought-provoking. (Skanda movie review) Another twist in the climactic scenes is crucial to the movie. The director announced that there is also a second part of this movie.

Skanda Movie Actors Performance

Ram speaks in the Rayalaseema dialect as well as the Telangana dialect. His character surprised many times in this. The way Ram appeared in the two-dimensional role, and the way he showed diversity are impressive. Parakaya entered the role by changing the style of Boyapati. 

His fight scenes and dances made the movie more attractive. (Skanda movie review) Hero Ram teases her as average but... Srilila shows that she is not average with her beauty and dances. Even if the role is important enough, it is still impressive. She will be seen in Sai Manjrekar's village song... in the film's crucial twist. 

Srikanth in the role of Ramakrishnan Raju, Daggubati Raja as Ram's father, Ajay Purkar, and Sarath Lohitashwa in the role of Chief Ministers gave good performances. Gautami, Indraja, Prince, Prabhakar... many characters will be seen on the screen.

Technically the film is superior. Taman has composed such music for Boyapati's movie. Santhosh's camera work is good. Every scene looks solid. Composition, production design... other departments have done well. Director Boyapati Srinu has once again shown his mastery in his Mark Maas film. He was attached to story, story, and elevations. The structure is superior. It's almost as solid as a pan-India movie.

Plus points:

+ Ram acting, dancing

+ Bold Mark mass items

+ Action... Emotions

Minus Points:

- Scenes that seem routine here and there

Finally: Skanda... Mass Jatara (Skanda movie review)

Note: This review is from the perspective of the reviewer. This is the reviewer's personal opinion only!