Operation Valentine


Operation Valentine Movie Review

Director: Shakti Pratap Singh

CastVarun Tej, Manushi Chillar, Navdeep, Shataf Figar, Paresh Pahuja, Ruhani Sharma, Abhinav Gomatham, Sampath Raj etc.

Release Date: 1, March, 2024


The movie 'Operation Valentine' directed by Shakti Pratap Singh, stars mega hero Varun Teja in the background of the Indian Air Force. Manushi Chillar as the heroine, Ruhani Sharma, Navdeep, Shataf, Sampath, Paresh Pahuja, Abhinav Gomatham, Ali Raja, Shwetha Varma... played many important roles. This movie is based on real incidents like the Pulwama attack and India's counterattack to the terrorists. Operation Valentine movie will be released in Telugu and Hindi on March 1. Premieres were held in many places the night before today.

Operation Valentine Movie Story:

Rudra (Varun Tej) is a wing commander in the Indian Air Force. He is experimenting with the Vajra concept of intercepting enemy radar signals by taking a jet fighter at a range of 20 meters. He loses his friend Kabir (Navadeep) in that experiment. Rudra gets hurt. After staying away from the Air Force for a few days, he joins again. This incident causes a rift between his girlfriend and Ahana Gill (Manushi Chillar), a radar wing commander in the Indian Air Force.

As soon as Rudra recovers from the accident, an operation is assigned. Pulwama's attack will happen if he successfully completes that operation as a jet pilot. 40 CRPF jawans lost their lives when a terrorist came to the trucks of CRPF jawans as a suicide bomber and blew them up. 

In response to this, our pilots infiltrated Pakistan and carried out the Balakot attack to eliminate the terrorists who had attacked. Rudra leads the operation and Ahana does the radar control from below. How did the Indian team succeed in this operation? How did the Pakistanis escape during the attack? How did Pakistan react to it? It has to be seen on the screen how India responded to it.

Operation Valentine Movie Analysis:

It is known that this movie is based on the Pulwama attack and counterattack. But how they are shown is important. The first half shows Rudra's character, his experiment, and the love between Rudra and Ahana. Before the interval, the Pulwama attack was shown and the screenplay was eagerly written so that everyone waited to see how they would counter in the second half. 

And in the second half of the Balakot air strike, how did our pilots enter Pakistan and end up being terrorists, and how did they escape from there? If Pakistan planned to play again, how our people responded, they showed almost a war in the air. The entire second half was opened with interest to see what would happen next.

Indian Air Force has been shown very well. The Air Force was very supportive and gave permission for the shootings in their locations, so the film was made very close to reality. The audience will get to know many things about the Air Force with this movie. Technically it's perfect. With this movie, Indian Air Force, Jet Fighters, Radar Systems, how our Air Force works, aerial battle scenes, etc. will be revealed in detail to the common people. Most of the movie is in the air with battle scenes. Those scenes are like giving goosebumps.

Operation Valentine Actors Performance:

It can be said that Varun Tej as the Indian Air Force Wing Commander Rudra is amazing. He excelled in acting as a patriotic and passionate young pilot. While sitting in the pilot and fighting in the air, he acted with only his eyes while driving the jet flight. And Manushi acted well as an officer under the chiller watching the radar signals and issuing orders to the pilots. 

On the other hand, they were also impressed by the love scenes. Being a patriotic film, their love and work have been beautifully shown without crossing any boundaries. Navdeep, Ruhani Sharma, and Paresh Pahuja played as pilots. Shweta Verma, Ali Raja, Shataf, Sampath, Abhinav Gomatham... the rest of the actors have been roped in.

Operation Valentine Movie Technical Aspects:

Especially the VFX of this movie. Most of the film was shot on a green mat. The jet fighter scenes in the air are shown brilliantly with all the VFX. The air base locations are all brilliantly rendered. The cinematography visuals are very rich. It can be said that the output of this range on a very low budget is great. The background music is also excellent. 

The sound of jet fighters flying in the air was also heard very realistically. The songs don't seem to matter. We all know the story. Love and country emotions were shown together. In the first half of the story, it goes back and forth to tell about Rudra's character. The screenplay of the second half is perfect. Shakti Pratap Singh as a director took this subject in his first film and showed it well and became successful.

Overall, the film 'Operation Valentine' is a patriotic film based on the Pulwama attack and India's counterattack. Definitely a must-see movie in theatres. This movie can be rated 3.