Gaami Movie Review: Vishwak Sen starrer Gami has hit the screens on the occasion of Maha Shivratri. Chandni Chaudhary and Abhinaya in other key roles started to produce this film through crowdfunding. After 40 percent of shooting, the film was taken up by the UV Creations banner and given a good budget. With the teaser and trailer, the audience had good expectations about this movie. Now let's see how this movie is in the review.

Gaami Movie Story:

Shankar (Vishwak Sen) lives a miserable life in an ashram in Haridwar. He has a strange disease. Because of that, if another man touches him, his whole body will change color and he will die. The other aghoras complain to the head of the ashram saying that his is not a disease but a curse. 

He was expelled from the ashram as he was told that keeping him here would not bring good luck to our ashram. But Sudhama (John Kottoli) who is in need says that the solution to this problem can be found with a type of mushroom found in the Himalayas called mali paputhu. In this process, Jahnavi (Chandini Chaudhary) helps him to find those documents. 

But did Shankar get them? How did he clear the problem caused by them? Who is Uma (Harika), CT 333 (Mohammed Samad), and Devdasi Durga (Abhinaya) who appear to Shankar in his imagination and ask him to save them? What is their real relationship with Shankar? If you need to know such things, you have to watch this movie on the big screen.

Gami Movie Analysis:

Gami means the one who reaches the destination. This was revealed by the film unit during the promotions. Earlier, everyone thought that Gami is like a code language, but since this clarity came, everyone had some expectations about the movie. Apart from that, the trailer cut was excellent and everyone thought that the film would also entertain the audience. However, director Vidyadhar tried to make this movie meet everyone's expectations.

In fact, many people are surprised to hear that he spent 9 years on this film. But after watching the movie, it is easy to understand that nine years of hard work for the movie was not wasted. With an interesting screenplay, he leads the entire movie by keeping the audience under a spell. In fact, while watching the movie, it feels like an anthology screenplay, but the director has given an unexpected twist in the climax.

An Aghora who is on the brink of death at the touch of a human, a child who values her mother's words that she should not return to the Devadasi profession as a daughter of a Devadasi, and tries to escape, a nameless subject trapped in a barren cold place where human experiments are conducted, a young man known as City Triple Three... The director brought it to the audience with his own screenplay. In the past too we have seen some movies that ran with this type of screenplay. But it is impossible to shoot in the locations in the story of this movie.

That too, if a film with such a span is started with a budget of lakhs of rupees, it must either be crazy about the film, or it must be faithful to the audience. Will this movie actually impress everyone? It means that it is not possible to say that this is yes or this is not. Because this movie is an off-beat movie, if you go to the movie thinking that the movie should have good fights, four good songs, romance, or love between the hero and heroine, you will not like it at all.

But the audience who come to the theaters to see a good effort without making any expectations will be amazed by the movie. The director has made the film, which seems like a story, impressive with his own screenplay. With the addition of technical brilliance, you feel like you have gone to another world while watching the movie. There is a chance that the slow narration of the movie will be a bit minus. Also, since it is an offbeat movie, it is not surprising that some people do not understand the original movie. But for those who understand, the director's talent and detailing are seen to make the movie feel good.

Gami Movie Actors Performance:

Vishwaxen has been roped in to play Shankar, an Aghora. He seems like a person who doesn't even want to talk to the next person, but he is a person who is trying to find a solution to his problem, but somehow he leads the film on his shoulders. Chandni Chaudhary is considered the heroine but it can be said that she is a small supporting role. But once again Abhinaya got a role with scope for good performance. Harika is a surprising element in the character of Uma.

Samadh also did justice to the role given to him. Mayank Parakh is as terrifying as the cruel doctor. When it comes to the technical team, Vidyadhar impressed in terms of dialogues as well as screenplay. Especially the cinematography is a big asset of the movie. The VFX is also mesmerizing the audience for the most part, but in some places, it is almost a VFX. 

In terms of editing, it would have been better if it had been cut a bit crispier. The film has a feeling of slow narration. Apart from the song sung by Shankar Mahadevan, some songs are not completely memorable... But in the background score, the music director has tried to show his mark.

Overall; Gami is not a regular movie. The movie is a feast for those who like new types of movies. Regular audiences who go to theaters without any expectations will also enjoy it.