Calling Sahasra: Kalaya Nijama Song Promo Released starring Sudigali Sudheer


Calling Sahasra

Calling Sahasra: Sudigali Sudheer started his career as a jabardast comedian and became a hero. Sudheer, who came to the audience with the movie Gaalodu last year and got a good hit, has recently started a new movie. Star beauty Divya Bharti is acting opposite Sudheer in that movie. But Sudheer acted in a movie before Galodu. That's the 'Calling Sahasra'. The film is directed by Arun Vikkirala and features Dalisha opposite Sudheer. 

The posters and teasers that have already been released from this film have impressed the audience. Due to some unforeseen reasons, the release of this movie has been postponed. And finally, soon this movie will be ready for release. It is in this background that the promotions of the film have started. The makers have roped in famous singer Ks Chitrammane for Sudheer. The makers have set a deadline for the release of the first song of this movie.

The promo of this song was released stating that it will be released on June 7. This song is sung by singer Ks Chitra. Lakshmi Priyanka gave the lyrics for this song. Sudheer acted as the host for Super Singer Juniors who acted as the judge of the film. It seems that Chitra sang that song for Sudhir with that connection. With this, Sudhir is gradually increasing his range. If this movie also turns out to be a good hit.. there is a possibility that Sudhir will join the hit heroes. And it remains to be seen if Sudhir's fans will make this movie a hit.