Shaitan 2023 Telugu Web Series Trailer Released, Directed by Mahi V. Raghav



Shaitan Web Series Trailer: Needless to say, how addicted the audience is to OTT during Corona. How far has it come.. Now I have stopped watching movies in theaters.. Will the movie ever come on OTT..? Waiting for that. Directors and stars are also looking towards OTT saying that the interest of the fans is our strength. OTT does not have a sensor like in movies. 

Rana Naidu series has been released recently in Bollywood.. Needless to say, how many controversies have been created. Many took the light that it is natural in Bollywood. But now the same culture has come to Telugu people as well. Latest Telugu director Mahi V. If you see the trailer of Saithan, directed by Mahi V Raghava, fans are sure to feel disgusted.

There is no need to say anything special about Director Mahi.. He has directed hit movies like Village Lo Vinayakudu, Anando Brahma, and Yathra.. Recently he directed a comedy web series called Save the Tigers. This series is very popular. Such a series was followed by his directorial series Saitan. Rishi, Shelly, Devyani, and Ravi in the lead roles, directed by Mahi, and Saitan. 

It will be streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar from June 15. With the first poster, the director made everyone's eyes on this series. A policeman was brutally killed as a brand ambassador for bloodshed.. Four sat watching the ceremony. The expectations of the series have increased with that poster. After watching the latest trailer of this series, the audience is shaking their heads saying, what a trailer. It's so bad.. It's disgusting.

It is no exaggeration to say that the entire trailer is filled with blood, gore, and heads.. ha.. just watching it. He filled the trailer with scenes without real meaning.. cutting .. showing heads.. even men can't hear. Currently, this trailer is not only going viral, but the fans are uniting the director. Cheechi.. Chachi Bootulu.. While some people are saying that don't take porn movies.. So much violence.. So many bad words.. How can you watch it with your family? Will this series be released? If not, will you stop? It is to be known.